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The analogy I found very useful is

Don’t be a waiter. Be a doctor.

In software dev, we are paid to solve problems especially the painful ones

Not churn out features like a factory

So don’t be like a waiter taking orders. I’ve made this mistake before.

Be a doctor who needs to ask questions and learn to listen on between the lines in order to diagnose the root cause that best solved the problem.

Sometimes you have a complex situation and you need to disagree with the patient in the best course of treatment

So you have to push back with wisdom (because you diagnosed the root cause) , compassion (there’s a reason why you’re the medical expert and not them so be kind with the patient’s ignorance) and no amount of skill (no two patients are the same even when they have exact same diagnosis so need to adjust the push back accordingly)

I find this analogy to be compressed wisdom

Having said that I have not found a good one that covers the confidence Felix has shown in appearing not to fear losing his job

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