Sitemap - 2023 - Below the Surface

Dive 62: Lonely Friendships

Dive 61: Finding Comfort in Truth

Dive 60: Writing for others IS writing for yourself

Dive 59: The key to communication most people forget about

Dive 58: How to build Confidence that lasts

Dive 57: Why the Greatest Leaders are Elevators.

Dive 56: There’s no such thing as a Waste of Time

Dive 55: The Importance of History to Personal Growth

Dive 54: Why Nostalgia can be Good for You

Dive 53: What is Slow Living? And why you need it.

Dive 52: You’re a Human, not a brand.

Dive 51: A Happier life needs the right kind of Authenticity

Dive 50: “Fake it until you make it” has hidden costs no one talks about

Dive 49: The Secret Connection between Comedy and Horror and Mental Health

Dive 48: The Cost of Speed

Dive 47: Why you need to question authority figures more

Dive 46: The Secret to Improvement is NOT consistency. It’s FIRE.

Dive 45: What separates average engineers from the Greats?

Dive 44: What if your house stops working?

Dive 43: How to sustain Good Habits

Dive 42: Are you a “Chosen Leader”?

Dive 41: Are you spending time wisely?

Dive 40: How to live with no regrets …without spending a penny

Dive 39: Why you should consider a life WITHOUT goals

Dive 38: Why friendships only deepen offline

Dive 37: How should you define yourself?

Dive 36: There are problems you can’t see that are costing you

Dive 35: The Critical Skill Society Needs for Peace… and Why It’s Disappearing

Dive 34: 50 percent of people won’t read past this title… and why that will cost them

Dive 33: Why random acts of kindness will change the world

Dive 32: Why good leaders push back on silly demands

Dive 31: Where’s Your Passion?

Dive 30: Recruiters are NOT on your side… if you’re a job seeker

Dive 29: 4 People Who Fail Job Interviews

Dive 28: When your dev team has a boss with no tech experience

Dive 27: When social media influencers have no clothes

Dive 26: Writing is Thinking

Dive 25: The fine line between Politeness and Kindness

Dive 24: Why you need to start BEFORE you feel ready

Dive 23: How to avoid backseat drivers

Dive 22: 4 types of mentors… and how to succeed with them

Dive 21: Psychologists say I’m a “Highly Sensitive Person”... what does that really mean?

Dive 20: When to take an opportunity

Dive 19: Why clinging to safety stifles growth